Call of Duty anti-cheat feature called Cloaking makes players invisible to cheaters

Call of Duty gamers may now make use of a new anti-cheat function in the game, which ensures fair play online. The new feature works by separating regular gamers from those who use cheats or hacks, rendering them both invisible to them and invincible to their activities. The anti-cheat measure will be immediately implemented for everyone who uses cheats in Call of Duty.
Ricochet, the team behind the previous anti-cheat measures found in Call of Duty has outlined the new anti-cheat tool in a new blog. Cloaking is the name of the feature, and it will first appear in Call of Duty: Vanguard, as indicated in the blog. Following a period of testing, the feature will be extended to the Warzone driver.

With Cloaking, any player who uses a cheat in Call of Duty will be unable to see enemy players in the game world if the system detects them. According to the blog, "characters, gunshots, and even sound from real players will be undetected to cheats."
On the contrary, fair-playing gamers will be able to detect cheaters even when they are obscured by cloaking. As a result, every legitimate player in Call of Duty: Vanguard will be able to detect and shoot a cheater. As a result, the Cloaking function will aim to reduce the impact of cheaters, regardless of the illicit software they use.

Ricochet says in its blog how the Cloaking feature would be added to its prior anti-cheat technique known as Damage Shield. The function, which was introduced in February, effectively provided all players with an endless buffer against harm from a cheater.
As a result, we can conclude that cloaking is not the first trait of its kind. However, it is the most recent attempt at a new technique to dissuade cheating in Call of Duty. Instead of weeding out cheaters through bans, the technique focuses on reducing their impact on the game. While the latter is difficult because it involves individual detection, such mitigation can be provided as a blanket strategy across the popular game's various titles.

Damage Shield and Cloaking both do the same thing. The first shields legitimate players from cheaters. The latter now grants them the ability to kill cheats and immediately remove them from the game.
Of course, the team's practice of banning accounts determined to be employing cheating tactics continues. "While we may not publicise all bans as they occur, please be aware that they occur both daily and in waves," Ricochet writes on its blog, adding that it has already banned over 54,000 additional COD accounts. Because cheaters are constantly looking for ways to circumvent these mitigation mechanisms, Ricochet also encourages COD gamers to manually report such cheats when they are discovered online.