Google to Reportedly Detail Changes of Pixel feature drop updates with a tour of new features

Google's Pixel owners receive quarterly updates in the form of Feature Drop. These updates provide new features and provide an improved experience for users without the need to wait for a new Android version to be released. According to a study, the Pixel's future Feature Drops, with the most recent update in March 2022, will not only deliver new functionality but will also warn users about the changes. Google's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience will keep customers informed of all new updates introduced in Pixel Feature Drops every three months.

The news was first reported on Twitter by Esperdev's Mishaal Rahman, who also posted screenshots claiming how Google intends to notify its users in the future. Google's tour for consumers will include a look at all of the most recent features added to Google's suite of Android apps.

While the service hasn't yet been carried out globally, Rahman's screenshots provide a quick tour of how Google intends to assure the deployment of new upgrades with each Pixel Feature Drop. Users will be able to see the updates when they first access the Play Store following the upgrade.

However, many Twitter users responded to the message to point out that this option has been available for quite some time. A user shared a screenshot of such claims, claiming to have first received such an update on January 30 of this year, just after the emoji hub launched new symbols for dog lovers and present givers. While some users may have already noticed these cards, there has been no word on when the feature would be available to all existing customers. It is planned to be included in the next major Play Services update.

Surprisingly, Google allows users to skip through these cards if they do not want to learn about the latest improvements. Google upgraded night sight in Snapchat, live captions for calls, live translate, and improved the recorder app, widgets, unique text stickers, and introduced new backgrounds in its March Pixel Feature Drop.