Galaxy Watch 5 could have a larger battery than current-generation models

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, is apparently planning to debut the Galaxy Watch 5 with a thermometer to assist users to track their body temperature, and now a fresh source claims that the forthcoming wristwatch will have a larger battery than current-generation devices.

According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with model number SM-R900 has been spotted in a regulatory filing with its battery carrying part number EB-BR900ABY and a capacity of 276mAh.

This is slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4's 247mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series may possibly include advanced health-related capabilities, such as a sensor that correctly measures body temperature.

In addition, Samsung has created new technologies to address concerns with existing temperature detection instruments. The new capability will be introduced by the corporation to assist consumers in detecting Covid-19 symptoms at home.

The tech giant has developed a method to properly assess body temperature using a smartwatch, and the new technology will be included in the forthcoming Galaxy Watch models.

Samsung previously revealed the Galaxy Watch4, which is one of the first devices to run the new Wear OS developed in collaboration with Google.

Along with a variety of health functions, such as a heart rate monitor, one of the device's unique selling points is the ability to track users' stress levels. This innovative 3-in-1 sensor employs a single chip to perfectly run three sophisticated health sensors — optical heart rate, electrical heart rate, and bioelectrical impedance analysis — allowing users to monitor their blood pressure and detect abnormal heartbeats, among other things.