Google created a smart lamp, but you can't buy it

Google provides users with a wide range of products, ranging from wireless earbuds to smartphones. There are also a few smart home devices available, such as Chromecast, security cameras, and smart displays. Google has also developed a smart lamp, but you won't be able to purchase one because it is not yet available to everyone.

Google's designer Ben Gold posted a photo of the lamp on Twitter, adding that it "will likely never be for sale outside of the company." The product is known as "delight" by the company. It is intended to provide users with "optimal lighting for video calls." As more people work from home these days, this could come in handy for such use cases.

According to the images, the lamp has a circular base and a thin post that houses a cylindrical light. It will only be available in a single bright white color. The smart lamp even allows you to change the brightness and color temperature.

Google Assistant can be used to control the lamp, according to Google. To control it, one must use the Google Home app. The lamp also has a USB-C port, which is not visible in the photos, but the company's designer claims it does, implying that it is rechargeable. According to the cited source, the lamp can also receive over-the-air updates.

This smart lamp was created by Google's internal team and is only available to Google employees. Furthermore, the search giant is not charging for this lamp and is offering it for free, but it is only available to those based in the United States.

Eligible users can obtain it from the internal store or website. Furthermore, this is not the first time the software behemoth has created an employee-only product. In addition, the company produced a pair of Google-branded over-the-ear headphones for its employees in 2017. The most recent attempt is to improve its employees' work-from-home experience.