WhatsApp for iOS beta now has iMessage-style reactions

WhatsApp has long been believed to be working on a feature similar to iMessage's reactions. However, the most recent update indicates that the feature may be ready for public use. The messaging app's Reactions feature would allow users to respond to messages with an emoji. This feature is already accessible on Facebook and iMessage. In fact, it's visible in Instagram DMs as well.

WhatsApp is working on the ability to respond to messages in a future update. You can tap on one of the reactions to react to the messages that appear underneath each message. According to the article, users will be able to view who has reacted to the messages via a separate details tab. Individual and group chats would both be able to take advantage of the feature. Because the feature is still in development, it is not included in the most recent beta update.

In a different tab, the user will be able to respond to messages using a specific emoji, according to the Whatsapp features tracker. Users can only use one reaction per message, and each reaction can only contain six emojis. "The capability was discovered while developing WhatsApp beta for iOS, but WhatsApp is also working on bringing the same functionality to WhatsApp beta for Android." "Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for message reactions," 

Except for WhatsApp, all of the Meta-owned applications include the ability to respond to messages. Users could react to photographs and posts with emojis supplied below the Facebook post when the capability was originally introduced to Facebook. After after, the feature was expanded to include Messenger and Instagram. Users can use the collection of emoticons offered to respond to messages they receive on Instagram and Messenger. When you don't know what to say to someone, you can always utilize emojis to communicate various emotions to let them know how you feel about the message.

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