Employees furious, Food delivery app management asks senior engineers and CEO to make deliveries

Food-delivery app based in the United States All non-delivery employees at DoorDash are required to deliver food at least once a month. Even CEO Tony Xu is required to deliver food once a month by the corporation. It has been alleged that when DoorDash was created, it had a programme called WeDash. However, the business is reintroducing the programme for its San Francisco staff, and the employees are dissatisfied.

An engineer who works for DoorDash and has a yearly salary of $400,000 tweeted about DoorDash's new policy on Blind, a social media platform for techies. DoorDash is bringing back the WeDash initiative, he wrote. Employees will be required to "dash" once a month and their performance will be "measured in performance reports." He was enraged at the whole thing and wrote that he didn't sign up for it and that it wasn't mentioned in the offer letter or job description.

Another user, who also works for the same organisation, had a different perspective on meal packet delivery. "It wasn't against my interests," he wrote. I signed up on my own volition. I'm young and healthy, thus I'm not at danger for covid. Why not assist in the delivery of food and other necessities to folks who were stranded at home? The money was insignificant (in comparison to TC or investment volatility), but the internal karma / feel-good sensations more than compensated."

MarketWatch also confirmed that DoorDash had informed its employees that the WeDash programme would be reinstated in January. It is viewed as a charity attempt by the firm to feed those in need and alleviate hunger. According to a corporate spokeswoman, the programme would provide options for staff who are unable to deliver food packets once a month. DoorDash also stated that it was reintroducing the programme because it wants its staff to put themselves in the shoes of delivery executives and solve the issues they confront. The money earned by staff distributing food packets will be donated to non-profit organisations, according to the report.

Users have praised DoorDash for its new WeDash programme. The company's new approach, according to one user, is a "great push from leadership to become more customer-centric." He predicted that the new measure will increase attrition among employees who are solely concerned with their money and not the company's objective. Streaming video