Netflix plans in India have been reduced in price; they now start at Rs 149: Here are the specifics:

In India, Netflix has announced new and lower prices for its plans, with the mobile-only plan now starting at Rs 149 per month, down from Rs 199 before. All clients will be able to use the new plans. Given that Netflix remains the most costly streaming service in the country, the change is likely part of the company's efforts to woo additional members in the country.
The Netflix Basic plan will now cost Rs 199 per month under the new pricing model; the subscription formerly cost Rs 499 per month, so this is a significant discount. The normal Netflix service will now cost Rs 499 per month, down from Rs 649 previously.

Finally, Netflix's most expensive option, the premium plan, will now set you back Rs 649 per month. Previously, this package cost Rs 799 per month. Here are some additional specifics about the revised plans to keep in mind.

Netflix has announced new ambitions and features.
The price change will take effect on December 14, which is today, and will affect all members starting with the next billing cycle. New Netflix subscribers may simply sign up for the service and select one of the new pricing levels.

Netflix subscribers on the Mobile, Basic, or Standard plans will be upgraded to a plan that is one tier higher than their existing plan, at the same monthly amount that they already pay for Netflix. Users of the Mobile plan will be upgraded to the basic plan, which would cost Rs 199 per month.
Users will receive a message on their smartphone, prompting them to either 'Confirm Upgrade' to utilise the plan or select another plan. Prices have been decreased by 18-60% across the board for various plans.

Netflix's mobile subscription is now available for Rs 149 per month. The mobile package can be used on a phone or a tablet with a 480p resolution. With this plan, you won't be able to watch Netflix on your TV or computer. However, only one device can access the account at a time.

The base package, which costs Rs 199 per month, limits quality to 480p, but you may use the service on both a computer and a television. The device limit, however, remains at one.

Netflix's regular package now costs Rs 499 per month and includes support for two devices at once. It features a resolution of 1080p. The account can be accessed via a mobile device, a television, a computer, or a tablet.

The most expensive Netflix membership now costs Rs 649 per month and includes 4K resolution and access to the app from four devices at once. The content is viewable on all four devices: mobile, tablet, computer, and television.

While Netflix has lowered its costs, Amazon has raised its prices for Amazon Prime, which includes access to the Prime Video service. In India, Amazon Prime now costs Rs 1499 per year, up from Rs 999 per year previously.