CoWIN is now showing the Fully/Partly Vaccinated badges, with the platform made available globally as open-source software

CoWIN has now started displaying badges showing the status of fully immunized and partially immunized on the profiles of users on the portal. In addition, the Government of India is also making the CoWIN platform global by making the COVID-19 tracking portal an open-source software. The platform was showcased at the CoWIN Global Conclave in July and 142 countries have reportedly shown interest in acquiring it. The platform not only tracks vaccination in real-time but also tracks any wastage of vaccines.

Dr. RS Sharma, CEO, National Health Authority tweeted that the COVIN will start showing the fully/partially vaccinated badges - appearing as a shield - along with the user's COVID-19 vaccination status. Situation. The vaccination badge feature is now rolling out nationally, and Gadgets 360 was able to independently verify the shield for multiple users on CoWIN on the web.

The shield will appear when you log in to and sign in with your registered mobile number.

Separately, during the CoWIN Global Conclave in July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that CoWIN would be made an open-source platform and offered to any and every country that needs it for their vaccination campaign. Now, a tweet from the Prime Minister's Office mentions that the government has made the CoWIN platform an open-source platform and offered it to the whole world for free.

Back in July, when CoWIN was first announced as an open-source platform, India administered approximately 350,000 doses. Now, the country has administered over 1 billion doses, and the number of jabs is constantly being updated on the CoWIN platform as well. CoWIN is an extension of the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network used to collect real-time data on vaccination programs. CoWIN further utilizes and implements cloud-based IT solutions for planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of COVID-19 vaccination in India.