Now Google Pay will work on one of your 'voices'

Google India has recently finished the seventh edition of the Google for India Event and the announcements made in this event have made the fans very happy. In this event, the company has given many such decisions, which will bring many benefits to Google users and will make it easier for them to use Google and its associated devices. From Google Pay to Google Search, changes have been made in many apps and features related to Google.

A major change has also been made in Google's online payment app, Google Pay. To make the use of Google Pay more popular and to make it more comfortable for the people in India, the feature of 'Voice Command' has been brought in this app of the company. Now users will be able to comfortably feed in their account number by speaking in Hindi or English and make payments easily. Also, the 'Bill Split' feature has also been brought on this app, which will make it easier to split and pay bills among friends.

Google Assistant Book Vaccine Slot
Google has announced the facility of booking end-to-end vaccinations for its users in its event. With the help of this facility, starting from 2022, users will be able to easily book vaccine slots for themselves. Not only this, to make this feature more popular, Google has decided to launch this feature in eight Indian languages which include Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Now the user will get Google search results in his own language
Google has also updated its search feature. Now the webpage results will be automatically translated according to your Google search. This means that in whichever language you search, you will be able to get results in that language. Along with Hindi and English, languages like Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil are included and Google says that more languages will be added here soon.

Now get a job on Google like this
It has been announced at the Google for India event that Google will give career certificates to professionals in IT Automation, Project Management, Data Analytics, and UX Design. People will be able to take 6-8 thousand rupees from these professional certificate courses and also, about one lakh people will be given scholarships for this.