WhatsApp is about to change! If this work is not done then your account will be blocked

Many new news are coming continuously about the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Where on the one hand the company is working on introducing different features. At the same time, according to a news, there is going to be a change in WhatsApp. The company wants to give even more security to its users and under this WhatsApp is bringing a new feature named Verify Your Account. Under this feature, users will have to verify their account. This feature will be made available for WhatsApp Payment.

What is the advantage of this new feature:
Using this feature, users will not be able to create a WhatsApp account using someone else's name or photo. Because even if he does this, then he will have to verify his identity. If this is not done then the person's WhatsApp account may be blocked. According to leaked reports, users will need to verify their identity by submitting an official ID before using WhatsApp to make and receive payments.

How to verify WhatsApp account:-
According to a report, to verify the WhatsApp account, the person will have to give one of his official IDs. Along with this, some documents and details will have to be given. However, if we talk about the Indian market, at present, users will not have to provide any official ID to use WhatsApp Payment in India. The company has not given any official information about this.

Know about this new rule:-
Let us know that Indian users can verify by mobile number to use WhatsApp Pay. The way KYC verification is done from payTm users. In the same way, the account will be verified on WhatsApp. However, no information has been given by WhatsApp about this at the moment. But this feature has been spotted on WhatsApp beta.